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Last comments - User Outcomes
C4D Alisa Illinichina Amelia (God Eater)7 commentsdazxo01/21/18 at 19:06Mountainmix: wowowowowowow
2 commentsvenneno10/26/16 at 07:46Diaval: Could you send me a link of how did you get the li...
Blend and Flow.2 commentsfoxtail07/05/16 at 17:05Ajman: very nice
C4D Alisa Illinichina Amelia (God Eater)7 commentsdazxo07/05/16 at 13:48Zyper: Can you give me a resources used ? Nice work :D
Connor Hunts1 commentsArtisticMesh07/04/16 at 03:59Ajman: Nce
Selfmade ^-^3 commentsRavenArtwork07/04/16 at 03:56Ajman: Very nice
2 commentsvenneno03/21/16 at 19:02darkerkiwi: Love the lighting technique you used. Would love t...
C4D Alisa Illinichina Amelia (God Eater)7 commentsdazxo01/12/16 at 18:17DarkSiderS0: very nice one :oo
Elf Girl Signature1 commentsrawtalent09/20/15 at 17:56LadyDestructive: Holy lanta that looks good
474 commentsclancy3009/19/15 at 22:25LadyDestructive: !Woow
WatchDogs1 commentsexDrizzy09/14/15 at 23:25rolevel12345: awesome
474 commentsclancy3007/29/15 at 16:21mistgrim: Sick
Basic photo manipulation5 commentschaos_diamondz06/07/15 at 16:22the kamikase: excelente trabajo
Rosegrave Sister 2 commentschaos_diamondz05/11/15 at 13:52archangel_sintic: It looks really nice, though tbh I dont see too ma...
1 commentsShamefullArtist05/11/15 at 08:07RomanuEnglez: Good Job ;0
Basic photo manipulation5 commentschaos_diamondz05/06/15 at 13:37FexDesigns: good :D
Spary Signature1 commentsBigfoot04/22/15 at 10:20hsalmi11: tutorial please
Rosegrave Sister 2 commentschaos_diamondz03/01/15 at 14:05Dnmrsn: holy crap. looks great. good job
1 commentskirito_1111/29/14 at 11:55mikey1992: hello, can you make me signature and avatar pictur...
Basic photo manipulation5 commentschaos_diamondz11/29/14 at 11:50mikey1992: Hello, Nice work. Can you make me Avatar and signa...
Basic photo manipulation5 commentschaos_diamondz10/19/14 at 06:12omnomnaomi: Ah~ I remember this tutorial on youtube. Good time...
Basic photo manipulation5 commentschaos_diamondz09/16/14 at 05:39Araragi-Chin: Hey i know what you did here (...)
House1 commentsjoker5409/01/14 at 01:01nio2010: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Designate photo1 commentschrofox2308/25/14 at 09:33SorhainDarkOps: nice ..i want to kno how to do thiss effect
1 commentshellheim06/06/14 at 04:35AnotherX: 'o' nice
Wallpaper3 commentskonon17506/02/14 at 17:01JustinCalam: AWesome,
Ghost Assasin's1 commentsincisozluk1005/06/14 at 06:16SaifSaker: It looks good :), but you should add some light in...
lara5 commentstotoroart04/18/14 at 08:58Equinox.: This is one of the most beautiful GFXes I have eve...
1 commentsWarm04/07/14 at 14:41Perpetualzz: I would change the text up a little bit. I feel li...
1 commentsWarm04/07/14 at 14:41Perpetualzz: I think you could do a lot more with the text and ...
1st try1 commentsaeipathy02/23/14 at 19:46quiey64: Looks nothing like this..
Soldier Girl1 commentsVegetaGirl02/16/14 at 03:08SGTROCK117: Very nice tag, Can you upload the render you used ...
Anime Ice Girl1 commentsWayde.Davis02/15/14 at 08:47FaMouZz: Awesome Light Effect :)))
Venom Mutation4 commentsJoeStarkiller02/15/14 at 06:45DeLphiaN: n1ce sig very good!
Shredder4 commentsoreice02/04/14 at 05:13Venetia Province: nice one but the text's quality is not right ...
Underwater1 commentsjameson27802/04/14 at 05:12Venetia Province: nice
by vici1 commentsvici01/31/14 at 13:48omnomnaomi: Uwah. It looks really pretty you did a super good ...
Shredder4 commentsoreice01/27/14 at 01:53Morbitz: LOL that is Zed from league of legends, and btw th...
Cassiopeia smudge sign4 commentsMorbitz01/27/14 at 01:50Morbitz: sorry guys i dont really have a tutorial for it, b...
Shredder4 commentsoreice01/16/14 at 06:28milkasipasniece: It's Zed, not shredder...
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